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Charactercopy today?

So will the EU characters stay on the server, or will you do a new NA copy today? Or will you remove all copied chars all together?

Please let us know, we want to plan our raids.

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  • SantieClaws
    Community Ambassador
    It's usually the case that once the EU characters get on the PTS they stay on until the end.

    Can't make any promises though!
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  • Paulington
    Community Ambassador
    I can only recall one case where EU/NA copies alternated and it wasn't the norm.

    It almost always goes NA for two weeks then EU for two weeks followed by EU remaining on the PTS until the next round of testing. They may re-copy EU but I doubt it.
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Just to confirm, we will not be doing another character copy with today's maintenance.
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  • Ashtaris
    I hope at some point they will do a NA character copy because I like using the PTS for testing my builds. What they really need is a NA and EU PTS servers so this doesn't become an issue. Plus they would get more testing because I would imagine that most people would rather test with their normal characters than the templates.
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