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Made a ticket and ESO never responding...

Soul Shriven
hay guys i have a account sins alpha and beta and i havent played sins the first 3 weeks of game lanch and i cant remember my password so i whent to reset my password and then it asks for first name and last name.. and i cant remember what i used for that. sins i dont use my real name for some thing like that. so theres no other way to get that other then make a tiket.. and i did a week ago allmost and im over waitting sins they have not reponded... is there any one that knows some one that can get in contackted ESO so they can help me? :/ iv even left a message on there facebook and Twitter and still nothing. its not a huge game bace so i dont know why they might take this long.
  • ZOS_CoriJ
    Password and account related questions can only be addressed by customer support. So, as a note, your other thread was moved here to Customer Support: General Help where it would be more appropriate and receive better response. Since this thread was already present, we decided to remove that thread as a duplicate.

    To address your question:

    I can confirm that your issue has been assigned to the appropriate team and that it will be addressed as soon as possible. This is a recent submission so we ask that you standby for further response. While you're waiting, just know that forgetting a password is something that Support can help assist you with.

    As an additional note, please be sure to update your first and last name appropriately once the issue is settled. Our system is case-sensitive so it's very easy to be locked out. You will want it to make sure that the name is correct and as easy to remember as possible

    [Minor edit for clarity]
    Edited by ZOS_CoriJ on February 27, 2016 7:07PM
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