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So how do you find out how long someone is banned for?

I was saren I mean searching around the site looking for someone and got vogged I mean bogged down with work, anyway, back long do people get banned for when they're banned?
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  • Kartalin
    Depends on what they did to get banned I guess. I've only heard of 3 day bans and permabans.
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  • ZOS_CoriJ
    As a part of our community rules we do not allow discussion of moderation decisions.
    If for any reason you are banned or suspended from either the forums or the game, you can find out further information by replying to the message explaining the status of your permanent suspension. This will get you in contact with the moderator or agent.

    Edit: As an additional note, information such as duration can only be released to the account-holder in question.
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