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Nocturnal's Calling [DC]

Soul Shriven
Mature players needed for a fresh, lore-friendly guild looking forward to Thieves and Dark Brotherhood updates. My goal is to be PvE based but still participate in some PvP. I'm looking for both new and experienced players of all levels. If you are a vet level or max level player that likes to help newbies I definitely need you here. I want this to be more of a community based guild rather than 1 person making all decisions which means I'm open to ALL suggestions and if we can get this ball rolling I'll be making a site for us to post ideas and plans on. Once we get enough members for more chat channels I will devote them to specific events which I plan on running as full day events rather than setting a timeframe that way everyone can partake in them. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of you can contact me here or on Xbox GT: AnUndeadPlayer
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