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Eclipse just keeps getting worse

  • Kaliki
    I always thought of Eclipse as a clunky but the only existing counter to Scales (aside from that it is only a time-buying stamina leech).

    But since there are no more double reflects I cannot imagine having this on my bar.
    Not that I had it on my bar more than a handful of times since IC anyway.
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  • danno8
    Soris wrote: »
    An idea. Remove reflect form eclipse, remove target cap and remove CC portion of it but make it only heal templar when ANY skill used by attacker.

    I like this idea, except we have enough healing going on. I would say, make it DAMAGE the attacker for every attack they use by a base amount, either flat amount or a small % of their damage output. Maybe 10%?

    Think like the Torment condition in GW2. No cc break, it needs to be cleansed.
  • driosketch
    Brrrofski wrote: »
    driosketch wrote: »
    Brrrofski wrote: »
    @Joy_Division I just have to ask you why it would be overpowered if Eclipse did not get involved in CC Immunity? All your opponent would need is someone on their team slamming Efficient Purge or Cleansing Ritual. Voila, nothing to see here. We pay a high cost for activating the skill, both in magicka and time. Eclipse unlike Defensive Posture and Reflective Scales requires Timing, Distancing, and Foresight to use. It should have a payoff that is better than these skills for that reason. Ironically, Eclipse is functionally and qualitatively worse, and keeps getting worse with every change they make to it. I use to love this skill. I would go around bubbling up the whole enemy raid of range folks, and I'd keep them bubbled. They either had to properly counter it with a purge or go in melee range. All a DK has to do is keep flapping if he's getting ranged attacks coming from all sides. Eclipse has no where near that defensive viability, yet its cost is the same, and comes with all the other frailties I've just stated. In short I don't think the cc immunity is warranted because the skill just isn't that good, despite my wish that it were. It is just too easily countered, and ends up being more of a cheap buff for your enemies.

    If there was no cooldown you could spam it on someone. It would take stam to break and then they'd have nothing left go cc break. Not everyone will run in a group or have those skills.

    It needs a cool down, or not be placed on the enemy.

    But then all DKs and temps would just reflect and ranged battle would be a thing of the past.

    I don't know, you can only apply it to one target at a time, and it's only projectiles. It's also expensive to keep recasting. Rather than CC immunity, they could add a reflect limit like scales, that would pull it into line.

    You could permanently lock a sorc from using much. Especially out they use a staff. They'll have curse and endless fury. That's it.

    Of course the templar is also using most of their magic defensively. Magicka sorc vs. magicka templar would pretty much be a stalemate, which I've done on live before. Not much would change.
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