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LF Guild for grown ups. Actual grown ups.

Hey, all.

Looking for primarily AD guild on XB1 NA.

Not too small (ideally at least 15 or so people reliably online during evenings, US Pacific Time).

No need for massive endgame activities as of yet, but I would like to be able to team up with nice people a few nights a week for leveling content.

I am still leveling my toons (highest is 44 at the moment), so I hope to find a home with a nice mix of new and veteran players.

I will talk your ear off inside a dungeon, but I otherwise hate using my mic since it makes my wife feel like I am ignoring her. Which I am. However when chat comes online shortly, I will be an active communicator.

I have kids, an engrossing job, and I was born in the 70's. I like a guild where most folks have the same problems.

If anyone out there kind of lines up with all of that verbal diarrhea above, please let me know.


Frank Cable (GT XB1)
  • lazarusrevives
    I'm a dad working on a masters and playing in my spare time. A buddy of mine and I are building a guild now, so it is new and growing. But we are keeping it more mature with an 18+ limit to join and having officers 21+. We are Stonebrawlers of Highvale.

    Another guild that you may like is "Fathers of the Dominion". They are larger and are mostly fathers as the name suggests.
    It's green so it's nature! XD
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