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Trespassing is odd...

In some cases.

To be specific, I'm talking about the new trespassing feature of where the player will attain an instant bounty if seen within the trespassing area. However, the different "roles" of NPC's that detect you is rather odd.

What I mean with this, is that after extended playthrough on the PTS, it feels very odd that as a thief, we have all of these beggar supposidly being our "eyes and ears" around town, however.. IF we enter a trespassing zone, even a beggar will give us a bounty.

It would be more logical, and immersive if characters within trespassing zone could be given specific roles, which would determin the bounty given to the player.

For example, Guards should attack you on sight (As they do now), nobles, merchants and all around "ordinary" people like workers and such should give you the bounty upon sight in their designated trespassing work areas. However, poor sods like beggars and fellow bandits who skulk in the street corners shouldn't, because they logically have no affiliation with the law enforcement, at least none that would seek harm upon a thief.

Thats just my few cents on the whole trespassing feature, In general I like it, I just think it could use a little fine-tuning in order for it to be even better.
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  • Anhedonie
    Beggars are sell outs.
    That's why you get a bounty.
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  • Enodoc
    Haven't checked whether it still happens since the last PTS patch, but I found it odd that your bounty will decay while you are still trespassing. If your Heat is full, which it permanently is while trespassing, your Bounty shouldn't decay at all. I also found it odd that you only get bounty for being seen once in an area (at least in my experience), whereas if you are continually detected while trespassing, you should continually get bounty added.
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  • HoloYoitsu
    I thought this was going to be a thread about trespassing in Templar houses.

    I am disappointed.
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