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Cannabis Community Now Recruiting [AD]

A new regime has been installed in the Cannabis Community and a revival is in progress! We are a fun group of gamers who love playing Elder Scrolls looking for people to add value to our Community. No, you don't have to be a stoner, hippie, pothead, etc., to join. Just an active, laid-back, fun loving individual looking for a guild of like-minded individuals. We love to pvp, quest, run dungeons, farm, you name it. Become a master crafter and join our crafting guild, who's mission is to help the guild become stronger by pooling our knowledge and resources to find and/or create the best gear in the game. Want to go on a fishing expedition? We have people for that. Play in the mornings? At night? Yeah, we got that covered, as well. We have Veterans, college students, homemakers, and everyone in between! Everyone age 18 and over are welcome! Recent game releases have dwindled down the population of Tamriel. Guilds are dying by the dozens daily. Not us! We love this game too much and have too much time invested to go searching elsewhere, so if you are in a guild that you know is hanging on by a thread (I know, we were almost there too!) and you think it's time to relocate, bring your talents to the Cannabis Community today! Contact GT: USMCAggie0351 today!
  • MegaFrog
    Soul Shriven
    Inv SpicyMcHagggis
  • FilteredRiddle
    I recently found Cannabis Community through a friend, who had sort of random joined one of their groups in Cyrodiil. I ended up tagging along, and somehow managed to spend a solid 8 hours out with a group of people who I had just met. When all was said and done, I was 120K AP richer, I had run a scroll for the first time (first time doing a scroll run ever, and I got to be the one to carry it in successfully), and I had a new PVP guild. I'm not a stoner myself - even though I do live in Colorado haha - but I'd highly, highly recommend these guys to anyone and everyone. These guys are top-notch.
    Xbox One - NA Megaserver
    House Valerius of Nibenay
    Cicero Valerius: Imperial Stamina Nightblade DPS (AD)
    Marcurio Valerius: Imperial Stamina Dragonknight DPS (DC)
    Ignatius Valerius: Breton Templar Healer (PVP) (EP)
    Constans Valerius: Imperial Magicka Sorcerer DPS (AD)
    Teo Valerius: Breton Templar Healer (AD)
    Maxim Valerius: Breton Magicka Nightblade DPS (AD)
    Astius Valerius: Breton Magicka Warden DPS (AD)
    Kastav Valerius: Imperial Stamina Sorcerer DPS (AD)
    Vyric Valerius: Breton Magicka Dragonknight DPS (AD)
    Lucien Valerius: Imperial Stamina Warden DPS (PVP) (EP)
    Zedrick Valerius: Imperial Stamina Templar DPS (AD)
    Falx Valerius: Breton Magicka Templar DPS (AD)
    Wulf Valerius: Imperial Stamina Warden DPS (AD)
    Asbjorn Oaken-Heart: Nord Dragonknight Tank (AD)
    Viator Valerius: Breton Magicka Frost Warden DPS (AD)
    Obsidian Guard (Social with PvX events)
    Gamers always believe that an epic win is possible and that it's always worth trying, and trying now. Gamers don't sit around.
    - Jane McGonigal
  • white8025
    im interested, never been in a guild and fairly new to eso. I have played every elder scrolls game since morrowwind though, and I'm good at these types of mmos. Level 31 khajiit night blade and I also am working to master my crafting skills.
    My gamer tag is Rockbiter 0331 (I too, was in the marines) semper fi
    Edited by white8025 on January 27, 2016 10:46PM
  • jim_mau
    i´d like to joint lmao

  • Redgrimm666
    Add me please, I'd love to join. Lvl 17 dragonknight. Ebonhart pact gt is DestroyedFool67
  • skatterbraynz
    Add me please
    Gt skatterbraynz

    Aldmeri dominion

    Vr 4 templar healer
    28 sorcerer
    20 tank
    Two of the three are werewolves
  • Waffennacht
    I wouldn't mind an invite.

    Gamer tag: ShenronNacht NA Xbox One
    1100+ CP
    Battleground PvP'er
  • DasKing808
    Soul Shriven
    Add me, Buhda King 808

    lvl 40
  • ReggaeRanger
    I'd like to join if the Cannabis crew B) . GT: IrieRastaRanger

    see ya in-game.
  • knittingen
    Soul Shriven
    Please add me. Gamertag: yaybaby.
    L24 cat, night blade, Aldmeri

    I like to play late late at night frequently. And when I get the chance, during the day too.
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