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[BUG] Bugged quests

OK so to start out I should probably state I am a bit of a completionist. So I have basically done every quest delve and dungeon for all the zones for each faction and like most people I used addons to show me where everything is. Mostly so I'm not running around like a headless chook and can plan things out to reduce time spent playing. Anyway I came across 4 quests that appear to be bugged. But I can't decide if this was because of decisions I made in game that might have lead to other quests or if they are bugged. But for all 4 the npc is either not there or not giving the quest. The 4 quests are;

[To Auridon]
Razam Dar

[Destroying the Dark Witnesses]
Wyress Delphique

[Sunken Knowledge]
Herald Kixathi

[Honrich Tower]

So if anyone could help me out with this I would love to know what the go is. Because its frustrating me not being able to get 100% completion for those zones.
  • Enodoc
    "To Auridon" only exists if you do the storyline on Khenarthi's Roost before starting questing on Auridon.

    "Destroying the Dark Witnesses" is no longer available once you start "Heart of Evil" at Jackdaw Cove.

    "Sunken Knowledge" is a quest at Halcyon Lake/Bisnensel, and is mutually exclusive with "The Water Stone". Depending on your choice in "Mistress of the Lake", you would have been given one or the other.

    "Honrich Tower" only exists if you do "The Shackled Guardian" at Taarengrav before "Tomb Beneath the Mountain" at Pinepeak Cavern. It is mutually exclusive with the similarly-named "To Honrich Tower", which you get if you do Pinepeak before Taarengrav.
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  • slimwaffle
    Thanks for the help mate :D
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