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Q: controller lag

Hey so I just been playing ESO on the Xbox One for a few days and I'm wondering if controller lag is typical. For example, in most games if I push the jump button, the character has jumped before the button has finished releasing. In ESO I'm finding that I push the button, it releases and there's till a fraction of a second before the jump actually takes place. Another way to describe it would be that if you were running, instead of the character jumping on the footstep when you push the button, he jumps about two footfalls later.

I assume it's not my set up (connected directly to a monitor PB278Q via HDMI). I've tried using the controller wired and wireless.

What I'm really asking is - is it typical and I should just get used to it, or is it not typical and should I spend some time working on it?
  • DinOwned
    The only time I get button lag is in Cyrodiil. Is this where it's occuring? Otherwise for me it's pretty smooth.
  • Dracoda
    Thanks for the reply. No it occurs consistently everywhere. I should also add it applies to everything; not just jumping.
  • HebrewHatchet
    On PS4, my experience is that the game is very responsive in PvE content. It feels smooth and my character reacts instantly. In Cyrodiil though, the game feels mushy at best and completely unresponsive at worst.

    Edit: I found this on the recent discussion section and only just realized this was posted on the Xbox forum, so, disregard.
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  • o0Velius
    I sometimes will get controller lag while mounted.. with the Sam issue you're having.

    Unfortunately it is something that you are just going to have to get use to. The game is an open world and I'd trying to process millions of players movements every second and with that, comes the slightest fragment of lag that's only noticeable with certain controlled aspects like jumping.

    I always recommend your console be wired to your network, but since yours is I would assume it is just the game.
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  • DinOwned
    It's probably a network connection issue since this game is 100% online. Test your ping and speed on
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