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Crafting Questions

Soul Shriven
I'm still relatively new to the game and i'm figuring things out but I have a few questions

Q1: Does my blacksmithing get more XP from crafting a cuirass as opposed to a dagger?
Q2: Pretend I choose to put 5 iron into a gauntlet as opposed to 7 would this decrease the XP my blacksmithing receives or remain the same?
Q3: What is the purpose of improving an item from a green to a blue? Does it just increase value?
Q4: If I research "Weighted" on a mace can I use that research for any weapon or just maces?
Q5: Is there any way I can improve my range on Bows?

  • Tallowby
    Look at my crafter aid in the sig below. Look at the last sheet for Q1 & Q2

    Q3 Improving quality increases the buffs on the piece

    Q4 Just maces

    Q5 There are set pieces that do this
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  • davey1107
    1. Unlike previous Elder Scrolls games, it doesn't seem like there's a big difference in XP for crafting different weapon/armor types. What more determines the XP award is item color (quality), and level. However, you get so much more XP from deconstructing that you won't spend a lot of time worrying about earring it by making items. If you want to level fast, forget construction XP and instead go into a high level zone and collect high level dropped gear. Then deconstruct that. Tearing apart a V14 drop item is probably worth as much XP as making 40 iron daggers.

    2. Putting more iron into items would award a tiny bit more XP because putting more iron in creates a higher level item. Creating a level 12 dagger rewards more than creating a level 8 dagger.

    3. Improving items in color quality improves multiple stats. The most obvious is the armor rating. However, many trait buffs also go up. For example, a green divines Jack might be "increase mudus stone effects by 3.5%" then if you make the item blue, that goes up to 4.0%. There are also powerful crafted set pieces you can make at special crafting stations, which stack buffs as you wear more pieces. These stats all go up as color quality increases.

    4. Trait research is by piece...sorry. You have to go out and find weighed of every weapon type to research the whole line.

    5. Bow range can be increased a couple of ways. First, the abilities you unlock get better and better range. Snipe starts with, I think, 28 meters. Working these abilities to level 4 in their morph form will give you max damage and range. The Focus Aim morph of snipe puts a mark on a target that lasts 10 seconds and increases all bow attack range on that target by 5 meters.

    There's an additional passive in the assault war skill line that increases range when you're at a keep. This only applies to Cyrodiil PVP, but that passive increases most bow attacks.
  • cjhhickman39
    If you want to level quickly and you have someone to work with run a search on blacksmith leveling and there is a thread on the best way to work it
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