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Any Guilds recruiting that do Blackwater Blade AND a Vet Campaign [PC] ?


I've been playing off and on for awhile since beta and have officially been ON for awhile now. I finally got an AD Templar to vr16 but I miss DC and my nightblade; which I played in beta and upon release. So I rerolled nightblade to start over since I know a lot has changed since I've played it but anyways ENOUGH WITH THE HISTORY LESSON.

I'm wondering if there is a DC guild that runs BWB and a vet campaign? So that I can create a relationship with the guild in non-Vet and easily transition to play with friends/guildies in Vet without having to start over in another guild. Also, to have a guild to run dungeons with of course as I level then do pledges :).

I'm mainly looking for a populated PVP guild. There are so many guilds that advertise "we do everything and PVP!" but I join and NO ONE is doing PVP. Or they are all doing it randomly, with them grouping in different pug raids and we can't play together. Or there's just no response from anyone and I'm alone..........

It would be nice to run with a guild that makes groups themselves :). I enjoy smaller group play in PVP but I'm not going to be picky.

  • Duiwel
    Hello Billy,

    Our guild is not full yet about 250 members at present, I'll be frank we only have about 15-20% VR members now ( we are still recruiting and many of our guys are in the 30-40 ranges ).

    We are DC based and we do hold PvP events usually on Weekends. We are holding another this weekend on either Saturday or Sunday ( I am doing a guild chat & mail poll to see what day would suit most members ).

    The PvP is BwB for the DC guys. Later on when we have enough members ( note our guild was started on the 10th of January but we have a group of experienced players who are good in many fields so we are building a family fast ) we will run both VR and BwB PvP groups. When I say groups referring to the future I mean 30-40 members at a time.

    Our last PvP event had around 15 members in the group for the entire duration of the entire day ( it started at 11am GMT and ended at around 6pm. ) Many members came and went but the amount stayed constant because we notified members who could not join the morning session there was a regroup at 3pm.

    However if you are looking for a guild that does PvP every night or a couple of times a week, I am afraid we are not that PvP oriented. ( might be in the future if enough guys have the same interests ) but I am not going to tell you we do that because I know we don't.

    This guild is EU based if you are interested give me a whisper or mail me. If you are based in N/A best of luck, may you find your guild.
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