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How do I start the God of Schemes?

I completed Council of the Five Champions and entered a portal in the Harborage that took me to southern part of Coldharbour near Cadwell's Hovel. There is no Cadwell in the area, nor is there a quest in my journal. I went back to the Harborage, and the NPCs just tell me one sentence about Good Luck, and I hope you're successful for the sake of Tamriel.... What do I do now?
  • LaucianNailor
    Without giving too much alway.....the main quest 'picks up, again after you've completed the problems being faced in Coldharbour ;)
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  • Lariana
    Finish the Army of Meridia quests. The final quest in this questline is a prerequisite for the God of Schemes quest.
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  • joleda4ub17_ESO
    Thanks! :)
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