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Official Discussion Thread for "Meet the Character - Eveli Sharp-Arrow"

This is the official discussion thread for the web article, "Meet the Character - Eveli Sharp-Arrow."

In this entry of our Meet the Character series, you'll learn more about the ambitious young Wood Elf, Eveli Sharp-Arrow, another one of the colorful new characters you'll encounter in the Orsinium DLC game pack.
Jason Leavey
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Staff Post
  • GTech_1
    That's a good article.
    It gives just enough of a "personality taste" to make you want more. Well done. :)

    I've met Eveli Sharp-Arrow, over on the PTS, and I'm happy to say: I dig her.
    ... And I look forward to much more in the coming months. B)
  • ManicDee
    This one is confused: Aroz'lai sometimes uses "this one" and sometimes uses "I". Perhaps Aroz'lai has taken one too many blows to the head? This one will keep his eyes quite open when Aroz'lai is near.
  • Elloa
    They have made Eveli so cute! I think there is only two things possible with her. Either you love her, or she got on your nerves pretty fast.
    Personally, I'm very fond of her!
  • dwelling_playb16_ESO
    Eveli is super adorable and made a very good impression rather quickly. I like the idea of playing a veteran character who interacts with a wide-eyed greenhorn or rolling a rookie character who's coming up the same time as her.
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