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Reminder of the Wyrd Sisters and the Wyrd Tree

Hello. It has been a long, long time since I played through the Daggerfall Covenant storyline, and now I will not have the game with me for a good while. I am working on some RP and other stuff, but I realized now that I am not that confident in my memories of the Wyrd Sisters, Wyrd Tree and the storylines connected to it.

I attempted to look through various wiki, but I did not find nothing other than pages regarding the quests, not the organizations and the like. All I remember, is that the Wyrd Sisters are a group/tribe of women, consisting mostly of Bretons, who live in the wilderness and try to gain a more magical connection with nature, and that the Wyrd Tree is a non-Hist magical tree the sisters worship.

Is it possible for anyone to explain them a little better for me, if only repeat what NPCs and lorebook say in the game?
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    apparently if I remember they speak Daggerfall covenant native language no matter the setting on your game... that being German lol. I died lots against that boss the first time (back when he was actually a proper boss :tongue: ) because I couldn't understand their instructions.
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  • Enodoc
    These books might help:

    On the Beldama Wyrd (Glenumbra):
    Wyresses: The Name-Daughters
    Witch Cults of Northern High Rock

    On the Glenmoril Wyrd (Bangkorai):
    The Glenmoril Wyrd
    Witch Cults of Northern High Rock

    From what I remember (and read in those books), the primary function of the Wyrd is as "Guardians of the Green", using nature magic to further their cause. The Beldama Wyrd are the ones in Glenumbra who look after (and are looked after by) the Ehlnofey Guardians of Earth, Water, and Air. Their storyline centres on clearing out the corruption of the Bloodthorn Cult (Reachmen) from their forest, rescuing the Guardians, and purifying their Wyrd Tree. The Glenmoril Wyrd are the ones in Bangkorai who worship Hircine. Their storyline focuses on driving out the Dark Witnesses (more Reachmen) from the area and restoring their connection to Hircine.
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