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Scaled to vet. 15 in Cryodiil enemies vet. 14

Soul Shriven
Hey guys I'm a vet 10 templar and I've been in wrothgar up to this point but I keep hearing I should check out the Cryodiil content. To my dismay I'm fighting enemies 1 vet level lower than my scaled vet 15 lvl in cryodiil. Any suggestions? Don't have IC content yet but will in a couple days, any advice is appreciated on helping me to maximize my leveling.

Best Answer

  • Enodoc
    Yeah that's the way it works at the moment. The enemies in Cyrodiil are VR14 and you are battle-levelled to VR15. The enemies in Imperial City are VR16 though.
    You get 100% XP and loot from all enemies that are 1-3 VRs below you.
    Edited by Enodoc on December 24, 2015 10:40PM
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