What is the best team composition for veteran dungeons?

My group uses either 1 of everything or we run with 2 Sorcerers, 1 DK, and 1 Nightblade. I'm the Nightblade and I feel so useless sometimes because I'm so squishy. I just want to know what the best combination of classes would be.

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  • TurkeyRage
    I'm a stamina Nightblade with 34 points into health and 21 into stamina, I use medium armor, and I run dual wield main and a bow for my secondary.
  • Magdalina
    3 dps and a templar tank to roflstomp the place as fast as possible:P
    Seriously though, it REALLY depends on the people, it's not quite as easy as 1 DK+1 templar+2 Sorc(for example)=perfection. And while classes are obviously not equal and balance is still far from achieved, it's still possible to basically run it with any "team composition" long as people know what they're doing. And obviously it works that much better for set teams that know each other and what they're capable of and all.
    Sapping(or whatever it's called) NBs are an invalueable addition to any group because 20-30k hps in trash packs in addition to the damage basically makes a healer useless. That also helps with 3 dps+tank groups to get it done faster.
  • Cuyler
    Magdalina wrote: »
    3 dps and a templar tank to roflstomp the place as fast as possible:P
    This^. or with everyone doing deeps but one is "tanky" and another can throw off-heals when necessary.
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  • Ariisen
    For me is 1 DK as the tank, 1 Magicka Sorc DPS, 1 Magicka NB DPS and a Templar "Healer" (DPS with BoL in his bar and support ultimates like Barrier\Aggressive War Horn)

    Basically the NB funnels and the Templar helps with BoL in high damage phases.

    All out DPS, but you have to play with experienced players or this won't work.
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