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The Journal of a Wild Khajiit #1

This is my first try, kind of... of writing expedition journals :D So any feedback would be great, I Hope you enjoy it and I will keep writing these things? hopefully...
Props to ZOS for the amazing location, I really want other DLC to have stuff like this :)

I was exploring the nearby area for lore books, artifacts, unknown locations and of course treasures... when I stumbled upon this place, radiating with old magic and a feeling of ancient mystical power.

The sound of a nearby waterfall caught my attention, I moved silently and with efficiency through the wilderness careful not to attract more than the necessary amount of wildlife and raiders to my location. Upon arrival I saw a big waterfall I was amazed at how beautiful it was, the dripping sound of water clashing with the earth below, I was simply blown away.... I decided to be a little adventurous; a bit more than I usually am.
Venturing into the waterfall - Getting somewhat wet - I discoverer an ancient cave, or hideout hidden by the waterfall. I thought to myself, —this things only happen in books!— as I investigated the cave I found rare crystals, blue in color and pointy, they looked like those Sky-Pieces some heroes are after. they emanated some kind of blue-ish light and was probably the cause of the magical feeling I got earlier, I also found skeletons — Ha! Those Raiders sure deserved their death
not to be mean or anything, but you know the feeling of getting jumped in the middle of an expedition.
I looted the place, finding various odd trinkets and a few gold coins to pay for the troubles.

"The breathtaking waterfall"

"We can clearly see the whole panorama of the cave"

"Here we can observe the initial awe of the cave"

After my expedition I returned to camp, shared my experience with other fellow adventurers and had some good cold ale!

If you want the whole gallery it is here
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  • King_Brady1
    Wow, this is pretty great! :smiley: You should show a Pic of your Character, or atleast describe how he/she looks, so we can get an idea on how he/she looks :p
  • Krombie
    Wow, this is pretty great! :smiley: You should show a Pic of your Character, or atleast describe how he/she looks, so we can get an idea on how he/she looks :p

    Thanks for the response, I'm planning on making a character introduction soon, Explaining everything there is to explain , keep an eye out for that and for the next journal entry :smiley:
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