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How to add a trait, or change a trait to an existing item?

I know how to add a trait to an item that I create, but how do you add or change a trait to an existing item?

For example, I have this armor that I looted that gives me awesome magic recovery, but it has no trait assigned to it, so I want to assign a mundus stone trait to it. Can this be done?

Or, another example: I have armor that has a infuse trait, but I want to change it to the mundus stone trait. Can this be done?

  • KenCleanAirSystem
    Not possible. You can improve the item if you have the materials, but the trait can't be changed.
  • Black_Wolf88
    only way to change trait is to craft a new item with the same set bonus and a new trait on the item(s).
    if its not a crafted set, then its impossible to change trait on the items.
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  • AlexDougherty
    Traits are a reflection of how the item is crafted, a sharpened sword is crafted to be sharp all the time, to add this trait the item would need to be reforged. So this is highly unlikely to happen.

    PS this is an ingame explanation not a mechanics explanation.
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  • RSram
    Thanks again for the explanations.
  • zaria
    This is also an benefit with crafted gear over loot sets who tend to have better set bonuses but you have that you find except of enchant.
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  • Nic727
    That could be nice in the futur to add trait to an existing object. For example, I don't have all trait material and I didn't research everything yet, but if my armor is really good and just want to add a trait, I don't want to find material to make a new object. It seem a bit messy, but hope you understand.
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