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[Xb1] Has anyone done WGT since Orsinium update?

Wondering if it is still farmable for the helm. I know the Inhibitor fight is fixed now.
  • Ariisen
    Yes, on daily basis to farm Spell Power Cure and the heavy infused helm.

    Be careful on the Abjudicator as the DOT ticks instantly as soon as you get caged, cages now are random (I think?) so she cages the tank sometimes.

    The three are easy and the inhibitor is easy too if everybody does his share and can close portals.

    The most difficult thing in the dungeon are the crematorial guards, I've died more times from them than Kena lol.

    Good run.
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  • flawless4812
    Only problem my group ran into was the inhibitor and it was my fault (tank) because I didn't bring in any type of dps to close portals as long as you have a decent tank decent healer and really good dps it's farm able.
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