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Can I get normal PC UI while using an XBox one Controller? PLEASE?

So we just updated to windows 10 and bought an xbox one controller with chatpad to use with ESO now that it has controller support. My husband and I used to use an xbox 360 with chatpad rigged up with joy2key and other things to allow it to act like the keyboard, and for the most part it worked quite well, though we still used the keyboard and mouse for some things as well. Now.... I just have to say I dislike the Xbox style UI that it switches to when you activate controller mode, and I really really want it back the way it was before. Does anyone know of an add on that gets rid of the controller UI? either that or a program that will work with the xbox one controller to make it work like a keyboard, as now the joy2key program doesn't seem to be recognizing it. Help?

  • Ravalox
    You may want to check out xpadder. I think that might do what you are looking to do.

    If you use the (inherent) in game controller support, you will be forced to the Console UI. There currently aren't any addons that re-build the complete keyboard UI while in controller mode (that I know of).
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  • Aelthwyn
    okay, thanks, I'll check out xpadder. :) I figured it was probably too soon to hope for such an addon if it's even possible, but thought it wouldn't hurt to put it out there.
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