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Favourite Tamrielic Region

If you could live in Tamriel, where would you want to be? I can't add option for specific cultural regions (such as Colovia and Nibenay) but feel free to add those.
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Favourite Tamrielic Region 49 votes

vmagoneeb17_ESOParrotbrainzydrateanatomyGhrimnAlina_ScarbridgeAzurephoenix999OpelineCrimsonwolf666TheRubiksCube 9 votes
GilvothGuyNamedSean 2 votes
kendellking_chaosb14_ESOAruneiankhor8 3 votes
wil.mrhandy.handyb14_ESOIruil_ESODaraughSpacemonkeykibukjRa'ShtarSmokySteel 7 votes
FarorinAleswallAconightsir_buttersworth 4 votes
Summerset Isles
TotalitarianLoreScholarSorataArisugawaShader_ShibesAndrewQ84LarianaPeel_Ya_Cap_517mb10demustacioSubtleHate 10 votes
High Rock
wayfarerxhondelinkCalandrae 3 votes
connor_worlineub17_ESOAetherderius 2 votes
RatatouilleGothlanderFfastylTyrreanNichordiusLevo18notimetocareNirnrotTheDreadFather 9 votes
  • GuyNamedSean
    I think I would want to live in a town like Narsis. Small, quiet, a bit out of the way, but within easy travel of Mournhold.
    Former Guildmaster of the Legion of Mournhold
    XBL: GuyNamedSean
    PC: GuyNamedSeanPC
  • Levo18
  • zydrateanatomy
    I love snow in general and I've played a thousand hours in Skyrim so it's fun to see familiar enemies.
  • ankhor8
    The Marsh would be ideal for me since I aspire to be underwater a lot. The environment provides options for solitude and challenging group training. Ideal for sure.
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    Seth Salute
  • Reznique
    Deleted, sorry boys
    Edited by Reznique on November 9, 2015 12:30AM
  • notimetocare
    Chorrol, though I would say that NOT in the TESO timeline lol
  • Nirnrot
    I'm a city dweller at heart. I love being in the the fast paced center of things. Imperial city fer sure. Plus a short horse ride out and you are in the countryside. That's the place for me.
  • Ffastyl
    I grew up in the West Weald and Gold Coast of Cyrodiil in 3E497. 'Tis my home country.
    The Imperial City isn't a bad place to visit, usually hung around the market district, but it doesn't compare to the rolling forests and caves I wander through in search of adventure!
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  • mb10
    Summerset Isles
    I like how clean, positive and beautiful Auridon is. Most other regions are torn by war/conflict or some other destruction.
  • wil.mrhandy.handyb14_ESO
    I chose Elsweyr, just because I read in the lore that all their food has moon sugar in it and is super sweet. Sounds good to me. I'm suprised at how many people chose the Summerset Isles though, considering all the haughty High Elves that probably live there.
  • TheDreadFather
    ALL HAIL ME!!! Sithis THE Dread Father!!!
  • Arunei
    Swamps are full of dangerous things that can kill you without even trying. I'm a sucker for animals and exotic flora. I'd be dead within a day but at least I'd die happy XD.
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    Niralae Elsinal: Altmer Stamsorc DPS - Young Altmer with way too much Magicka
    Sarah Lacroix: Breton Magsorc DPS - Fledgling Vampire who drinks too much water
    Slondor: Nord Tankblade - TESified verson of Slenderman
    Marius Vastino: Imperial <insert role here> - Sarah's apathetic sire who likes to monologue
    Delthor Rellenar: Dunmer Magknight DPS - Sarah's ex who's a certified psychopath
    Lirawyn Calatare: Altmer Magplar Healer - Traveling performer and bard who's 101% vanilla bean
    Gondryn Beldeau: Breton Tankplar - Sarah's Mages Guild mentor and certified badass old person
    Gwendolyn Jenelle: Breton Magplar Healer - Friendly healer with a coffee addiction
    Soliril Larethian- Altmer Magblade DPS - Blind alchemist who uses animals to see and brews plagues in his spare time
    Tevril Rallenar: Dunmer Stamcro DPS - Delthor's "special" younger brother who raises small animals as friends
    Celeroth Calatare: Bosmer <insert role here> - Shapeshifting Bosmer with enough sass to fill Valenwood

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  • TheRubiksCube
    It's a tie for me between the Summerset Isles and Skyrim, but if I could only choose one it would be Skyrim. I like what they did to Windhelm and Riften because they look much better in ESO. The environment brings back memories of TES 5.
    Blood for the Pact! Retired Arctic Empire Officer
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  • Spacemonkey
    Seems a bit cut and dry as regions lol, but then you can either post EVERY region in a poll...

    I like the stretches between Elsweyr and Valenwood. Grass plains with still some forests. Plenty of lakes and rivers :)
    I guess High Rock would come close second, especially in ESO, reminds me a bit of the pacific coast, or at least as close as you can get to it in Tamriel.
    Summerset Isles would be my : meh, 'its all that was left' pick.

    I like snow and all but Skyrim is like ALWAYS under the snow. (I put Wrothgar as part of Skyrim and High Rock. I dont believe in orc nations)
    BlackMarch: Swamps *shudders*
    Morrowind: Volcano (because to me, Morrowind will always be Vvardenfell)
    Cyrodiil: English garden (perhaps with complimentary garden gnomes?)
    Hammerfell: Desert
    Valenwood: moving trees........ its all fine until comes night time, then you are constantly being ...@)#*(%
    Edited by Spacemonkey on November 25, 2015 11:04PM
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