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ESO Download Speed Capped?

Soul Shriven
I have around 30-40MB/s internet speed (250-325Mb/s) for download, are the servers capped at like half that? I don't see download speed pass 15MB/s :{
  • Darlgon
    Probably by your ISP to conserve their bandwidth.
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  • suman
    Soul Shriven
    Darlgon wrote: »
    Probably by your ISP to conserve their bandwidth.

    Its not my ISP, everywhere else it hits 32-33MB/s avg.
  • Elf_Boy
    A great number of things could impact your ability to get your full speed.

    Try a tracert to the DL site (netstat -b at an elevated command prompt to find the ip if you need)

    Should help you see where the slowdown is happening.
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  • slavicgrip
    Soul Shriven
    I have Gigabit Fiber internet and I'm capped at 12.55 megabytes (Not megabits. Megabits would be 100 megabits per second. For perspective, on steam I pre-loaded Fallout 4 at 87 megabytes per second in less than 7 minutes.) per second. I beta tested this game and played up until the champion system. I took a break to wait for fresh new content and I came back to experience this crap when I try to reinstall the game. What garbage. It's heartbreaking to see you didn't improve anything and took advantage all the PC players into buying a sub to fund your half baked launch on consoles but won't admit to it. You really dropped the ball here Zenimax. I decided to give you another chance (and would have bought into the ESO plus if you wowed me) and yet you failed to deliver even before I got the game installed. While this is attempting to download (and failing with errors about WebGet request failed) I downloaded two games at 20gb a piece and i'm not even at 20%. Before you say it's my fault for downloading multiple games at once, I was receiving those errors long before I decided to test if it was my internet by downloading other games. I tried every little option there is to make it work without failure on your forums and still it failed. (Which includes lowering my internet security so I run the chance of getting my computer infected by something malicious.) You will probably ban this post because you refuse to let anyone talk bad about your product. That is completely childish. Learn to take criticism like the rest of the world. I've seen it before and the truth needs to be said. YOU ARE NOT BETHESDA AND YOU ARE NOT THE SAME COMPANY THAT MAKES ELDER SCROLLS OR FALLOUT. WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOU TOOK A GOOD NAME AND SULLIED IT WITH OUTRAGEOUSLY BROKEN GAME PLAY MECHANICS THAT FRACTURE AND SEGREGATE THE PLAYER EXPERIENCE DUE TO INEXPERIENCE IN THE MARKET, UNBALANCED CLASSES, AND SUB PAR DOWNLOAD SPEEDS DURING NON-PEAK TIMES. YOU TOOK AN AMAZING SPIN ON AN MMORPG, WRAPPED IN ELDER SCROLLS LORE, THEN DELIVERED IT COMPLETELY BROKEN AND REFUSE TO FIX IT PROPERLY. I hope you are proud of yourselves.
    Edited by slavicgrip on November 7, 2015 10:07AM
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