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Looking for DC guild, for Xbox one NA

Soul Shriven
A friend and I have been looking for a guild to join, but cant seem to find ones for the DC.
If anyone van invite us or steer me in the right direction it would be appreciated.
  • Abunai_808
    What's your gamertag?
    Da Melting Pot [DmP]
    FFXIV Midgardsormr

    Hawaiian Kanak Attack [HKA]
    FFXI Lakshmi
  • rpgman70
    DIRTY DAGGERS is a fun social guild looking for more members we do every aspect of eso. We an weekly PvP and pve. Send devildrake a message for invite
  • Jasrty
    We are the Daggerfall Chancellors and we are looking for active people just like you, people to talk with in guild chat or run the Imperial City, or do Daily Dungeons with, message me if interested GT is Vito S Scarfo
  • Peircerofhell
    Expedite is a growing trade, PvE, and PvP guild looking for members to join! Anyone is welcome and we will help any members that need it. Looking for friendly people who will also be loyal to Expedite. If you are interested, message me on here or at my gamer tag: Piercerofhell. Always remember, Fight Like an Expidite!
  • Lizrko 33
    Axuda Inmortal is recruiting . We are well rounded, dc based. PvP and pve, dungeons, dolmens, etc.... we are also looking to have a guild trader sooner rather than later. Gt is LizRKO
  • Rimmsa
    Sludge Industries is ALWAYS recruiting. All members have access to store, all ranks are recognized. Send me an in game mail, add me as a friend on XBL, or send me your GT and i'll add you.
    -Xbox One = Rimmsa
    Viktor Tsolvkov = V3 Life Sapping Imperial Nightblade - Daggerfall Covenant
    Vincent LaFlur = Lvl12 Dark Magicka High Elf Sorcerer - Aldmeri Dominion

    Sludge Industries Guild Master. Sludge Industries is ALWAYS looking for new associates and members!
    ESOCrafters VP

    Check out the guild websites!
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