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Looking for a Daggerfall guild

Hey folks, i am looking for a guild who have a good guild structure and leadership and hopefully are going to be playing ESO for a long time.

About me
Gamertag - Arch Grizzly Op
Class - DragonKnight, Templar and Nightblade
Play style - Dps & Tank
i also don't mind role playing guilds

thank you

Anything else you would like to ask just reply to this, also i am making a new character at the moment.
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Guild Leader for Brotherhood of Blood, North American Server, Xbox one.

Apply to join is today -

"Sheggorath, you are the Skooma Cat, for what is crazier than a cat on skooma?"
-- Fadomai
  • Abunai_808
    Are you a casual gamer or more towards the hardcore style ?
    Da Melting Pot [DmP]
    FFXIV Midgardsormr

    Hawaiian Kanak Attack [HKA]
    FFXI Lakshmi
  • rpgman70
    DIRTY DAGGERS are a fun social guild looking for more members. We do all eso has to offer. We do weekly pve and PvP. If you would like an invite message devildrake
  • Jasrty
    We are the Daggerfall Chancellors and we are looking for active people just like you, people to talk with in guild chat or run the Imperial City, or do Daily Dungeons with, message me if interested GT is Vito S Scarfo
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