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Xbox One NA New RP Guild (no bank or trader, RP and questing)

I have started a new Role play guild. Anyone is welcome to join and use as a grouping tool for like minded individuals to get the most from their Elder Scrolls Experience. Knowledge of lore is a plus, and fun encouraged.

The guild is called Stormhaven Stormtroopers.

Happy questing, Kylier The Cleansing Flame. :smile:
  • Zoikos
    How many members and what's the story?
  • lemonte
    What Platform?
  • Zoikos
    He said Xbox One NA RP Guild (no bank or trader, RP and questing) his forum topic says it......
    Edited by Zoikos on September 10, 2015 5:21PM
  • lemonte
    My bad I'll join gt THE KID02149
  • Paazhahdrimaak
    This one would like to join.

    Gamertag same as my profile name.
  • EposSilver
    I would love to join.

    GT: Epic1488
  • TheSkaBoss661
    I will add everyone tomorrow evening, sorry for the delay in response. My wife just had a baby.

    Like I said this is an open guild being built from the basis of this forum for likeminded Elder Scrolls fans.

    I am keeping the guild lore very lose as to accommodate a broad variety of causes and objectives, use of other lore encouraged.

    The "Stormhaven Stormtroopers" is an irregular militia of mercenaries, mages, and agents, using it's position near Camlorn to extend it's blitz of some of Tamriel's most talented problem solvers. Like a an unstoppable wave these unconventional soldiers and sorcerers, cut a clear path to their goals.
    Swearing no fealty to any king, they operate on their own moral compass, dealing swift and sometimes harsh justice, they are also known to occasionally extend mercy...

    I would like to help cultivate a positive experience for everyone who would like to participate,
    Use and reference of lore encouraged.
  • KingKuppa54
    Soul Shriven
    What faction is this under?
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