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Caveat: OS X 10.11.1 already in testing.

Today Apple has released a public beta for the next update of OS X 10.11.0 El Capitan, although the latter hasn't even been published yet. That's got to be a first...

According to German computer magazine Mac & i, updated version 10.11.1 will feature bug fixes and performance improvements which didn't make it into the initial GM release version 10.11.0 (still scheduled for release on 9/30). There's (reasonable) speculation that the first update to El Capitan will be made available only a few weeks thereafter.

I, for one, am willing to wait. There is no technical reason to be an early adaptor of a new major version operating system, ever. My personal experiences with the recent history of new OS X releases (10.9 and onward) tend to support my stance that it's less stress- and painful to wait for the 10.x.1 update, as this squashes the most obvious bugs and broken features of the initial release . But of course, YMMV. Apple testing the .1 update even before the release of the initial .0 version doesn't bode well for the latter, somehow. ;)
  • Publius_Scipio
    Skipping a .01 update straight to .1? How long a wait?

    Any preliminary word on if ESO plays nice with El Capitan right now?
  • Wolfster
    I'm having no issues on Steve (Steve Rogers AKA El Capitan America — it's just easier) so far. In fact I'm pretty sure my peak framerate in busy places (Mournhold) is a little better.
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hi folks! While El Capitan (or Steve) is still not yet officially fully supported, we're keeping up to date on bugs and problems reported by players so we can assure a smooth transition.

    Thanks again!
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