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Purchasing Limited Offer Crown Store Items (Outside of Game)

Traveling for a business trip (ten days on the road on a train, limited access to internet, macbook air) and can't purchase the limited time offer Black Panther Senche mount currently being offered until May 26th (only can happen in-game). I contacted customer service, and provided ideas for options (promo code for when I return, purchasing on my behalf with email approvals) and they haven't been helpful. It couldn't be a technical issue, I'm a programmer. They have just been lazy in simply stating it can't be done. Why not?
  • NewBlacksmurf
    I too would like to be able to buy crown store items without logging into the game
    -PC (PTS)/Xbox One: NewBlacksmurf
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  • whiteshadow711jppreub18_ESO
    I believe they will have the leopard and Panther senche mounts back at one point in the near distant future....

    Why you ASK??

    because of those console players that haven't purchased them on the Consoles yet.....the Console doesn't come out until June 9th so they will be most likely bringing them back in the near future for them....

    oh yeah and I would definitely like to be able to buy Crown store stuff on my account outside the Game..
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  • ShastaCat
    Soul Shriven
    I agree there should be accommodation for legitimate absences (business, vacation, military, etc, etc), especially for paying ESO Plus members. While I know everyone has access to the Crown Store, I talk about membership (subscription) because it is voluntary. ESO Plus members are obviously willing to spend the money for a few extra perks (though they are very few).

    I am affiliated with the military (civilian engineer who deploys with naval strike groups for 2-4 months at a time). I was on deployment from late-April to mid-July, so I was unable to purchase the Black Senche (I didn't even know about it until I returned after deploy).

    I too tried to work with Customer Service, which was not helpful - in spite of their opening line on every email being "Helping you is our passion!" - and not productive, and in the end, unsuccessful. All I got was the (paraphrased) "Sorry. That was a limited-time item.".

    I have worked in the computer industry (and computer application) for 30+ years, and I cannot fathom a technical-related limitation as to why persons with valid reasons for missing a "limited-time item" could not be easily accommodated. In computer-admin terms, this should be as easy as a digital switch being tripped, and poof! The Black Senche mount shows up in one's mount inventory (exactly the same way it happens when people purchased it while it was in the Crown Store).

    Please, ZOS! We all know you can find a way to make this work! We WANT to give you our money! Why not take it in exchange for what we want? It would be a win-win situation.
  • Balinor13
    I mentioned this in another thread, but i think the best answer is to let everyone pre-order the items. They could be automatically delivered on the release date.
  • thunderwell
    I can see a lot of players lying about their legitimate reason for not logging on for a few months and missing a limited time mount/item/whatever.
    A prepurchase option wouldn't really do for people that are gone for a few months at a time (I doubt prepurchases would be much more than a few weeks to a month before release).

    Unfortunately, as it seems, best thing to do is wait and see if the limited time stuff comes out again for a limited time (but this is imo).
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