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Obtaining emperorship without effort.

  • Crown
    Every time I see a post like this it makes me wonder about the intent of the developers.

    You get points from killing people. Duo ganking (districts) you can make about 500 AP from each kill. Keep track of who you kill and how long it's been, so you know when to go back and kill them again.

    If you go into the sewers, camp boss areas or the known farming routes. Head to the middle when the center spawns and get a caltrops on the opposing group hitting molag bal at the right time, or 5-6 ultis if you have a small group and watch the AP roll in.

    Out in Cyrodiil, if you're going for keeps etc, you need a group. The way the game works this patch, a group of 12+ is almost mandatory to be able to fight the swarm (20+) opponents (with some few exceptions for amazing group comps with amazing players). The more you kill, the more points you get.

    If you want emperor (and I speak as a 16 time Emperor), you have to make the points. That's all there is to it. You can play an amazing game, do what's best for your faction, and be the most important factor to success of said faction, but not make any points because you're not playing for points, you're playing for map. There's a balance to be found between points and map, and being able to make those decisions is one (of many) quality of a good leader.
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  • ScarecrowBoat
    As emperor FENGRUSH would cut taxes 20% across the board. Bring jobs back to Glenumbra and Wayrest. Deport all Khajiit, Argonians, and Dremora and then have them immigrate back under a new system if they so choose. A focus on rebuilding outdated and crumbling infrastructure all over Cyrodiil and Imperial City. Build a new high-speed train from Craglorn to Auridon. Double-down on education (especially for wood elves). Have the OFFICIAL FENGRUSH TWITCH CHANNEL on FREE TV all over Tamriel.

    Now that is effort.

    Lord Fengrush would be very unpopular with a large amount of the population as these ideas are not very lore friendly and ruin mah immurshuns
    GM of SBH
    Member of Zerona's Fan Boy Club
    How do i get out of cyrodiil
  • SirAndy
    Here comes the compliant.
    Compliant does not mean what you think it means ...

    adjective: compliant

    inclined to agree with others or obey rules, especially to an excessive degree; acquiescent.
    "good-humored, eagerly compliant girls"
    synonyms: acquiescent, amenable, biddable, tractable, complaisant, accommodating, cooperative; More
    obedient, docile, malleable, pliable, submissive, tame, yielding, controllable, unresisting, persuadable, persuasible
    "her compliant husband"
    antonyms: recalcitrant
    meeting or in accordance with rules or standards.
    "the systems are Y2K compliant"
    having the property of compliance.
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  • Yonkit
    Farm AP, Get Emperor, usually it's Farm AP, then cap 3-4 Keeps at once.

    Just, and I repeat, JUST, capping the Emperor Keeps will get you zero AP if there's no defenders, much less AP then the defenders because Dee-Tick blesses those worthy, and it actually makes you lose your actual AP because you have to buy siege and repair kits.

    In other words, quit Pvdooring and go setup a scroll farm! :#
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  • NativeJoe
    Getting emperor...are you?

    1. are you animation canceling?
    2. are you Exploiting?+ raking in the defense ticks?
    3. do you farm players while ignoring the map
    4. do you have 500+ champion points?
    5. Do you play in pvp from sun rise to sundown?
    If the answer is "no" to any of the above questions then you don't really deserve to be emperor in the eye's of ZOS.

    it's a sad imbalance...but those are the facts.
    650cp+ Sorcerer 100+ days /played
    Broken'Stick North American Server
  • Kova
    @Everyone in this thread

    Try being a solo player and getting to the #1 spot, #3 overall through killing groups 1vX, having one keep left and then having an enemy guild get to the server and crown their own emperor. That's fine. It happens, yeah?

    So someone passes you on the rankings, because you can only play 5 hours at a time, but he did it by himself using the same method. You feel a mutual camaraderie and decide that one of you is going to be crowned! Then you watch some random player go from rank 86 to 3 in 2 hours.

    You and your solo comrade decide to look for this "skilled" player, only to find him at blue road keep with a DC zerg. Only...what's this? The DC zerg is letting this player kill them OVER AND OVER. Lining up with nary a weapon out. Within a matter of minutes he surpasses you and your solo comrade and continues to rack up the AP thanks to the mighty Dee ticks. Then has the gall to whisper you and ask you to leave because he's "trying to push emp."

    One hour later the DC zerg disappears and an EP zerg conveniently begins taking the map. "Super Skilled Player is crowned Emperor of Super Fair Server." You and your comrade decide to retire, exchanging @names, and say your farewells.

    Fetch Emperor. Fetch "helping your faction and playing a good game." Fetch AP farmers.
    Ezareth wrote: »

    We already have people who have farmed emperor by repairing resource towers and walls. We don't need more of those.

    If you want Emperor, get out there and *kill* people.

    I do think they could award bonus AP for kills that occur in keeps and resources over the freaking sewers in IC. That could help shift more PvP in the places for which it is designed.

    This. There are the only a handful deserving emperors I recognize. I even respect ganker Emps more than most of the trash that cycles the title to each other. At least I can enjoy my top x% player rewards....

    *opens mail* gauntlets of beckoning steel.

    :( why...just why?
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  • Makkir
    I got you beat. I got a sturdy archmage robe the other day
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  • Kova
    Makkir wrote: »
    I got you beat. I got a sturdy archmage robe the other day

    I am so sorry....Do you need anything? Tea, some foot warmers maybe?

    I think it might be more profitable to just stay in the top 50 range now. At least then you get a nice sum of gold plus the chance of getting some useful gear.
    EP Sorc: Aydinn
    AD Stamplar: Verdant`Knight
    DC Stamblade: Apple`Punch
    EP Stam Sorc: Kós
    AD DragonKnight: Transmigrant
    EP NIghtblade: Aydinn
  • sagent64
    and you believe to the #1 guy in the leaderboard? ... im always at top 10 in leaderboard each time i reach #1 some players asking me what im doing i never say the truth im saying in in Dungeon or IC most of time .. bug the true is im always at the battleground
    Edited by sagent64 on October 1, 2015 4:07AM
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