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Looking for new and veteran players to join a relaxed but active guild

Abnaki wants You!

Hello adventures i am Chief Grizzly leader of the Abnaki, we are looking for new and veteran player to join the ranks of our tribe. Come and help us take over cyrodiil, or defeat the denizens of the delves throughout Tamriel. Learn and help master the many crafting skills available.

We currently have 90 + tribesmen and women but are now looking to expand our tribe. If you like Friendly people then this guild might be for you, in a nutshell we focus on Questing, Leveling, End-Game Content, Dungeons (PVE), Campaigns (PVP), Trading, Crafting, we also like role playing. Our guild started on PC just before console launch, so i decided to take my loyal tribesmen and go to xbox one.

Come check us out at -
(Our website has only just be made, so still a working progress. And we'll have a custom URL soon)

We try and hold tribe meetings twice a month and tribe leader meeting every week. We haven't had much luck on getting a guild trader, so we are saving our coin for when the time is ready and when tamriel is in ruin.

Also if you like guild raffles and competitions for in game (Gold/Gear/Items) we try and host them once a month or week.

If you would like to join us please comment your gamertag below!. Or message me on xbox, gamertag - Arch Grizzly Op

Our ranking system:
Chief - The overall power and ruling word of the tribe (Only Grizzly's rank)

Warchief - The chief that gives orders in war and is in charge of all in the absence of the chief. But he Must run everything by the chief first.
(There can only be one warchief and they must step down in order for another to take his place)

Elders - Adviser to the chiefs and well respected and trusted members. and some may be founding members of the guild
(Highest officer rank, To obtain this rank the elders must vote on the holy person who has served the tribe the most)

Holy Person - tells of the ancestors wishes, is highly respected and honored within the guild
(Lowest officer rank, Only give to people who are loyal and must speak to Chief first)

Warriors - The fighters of a tribe.
(Trusted member given to people who show their loyalty and being in the guild for a while)

Hunters - ones that hunt and are on there way to becoming a warrior.
(This rank is given to people after being in the guild for a certain amount of time)

Gatherers - ones that gather food and other supplies. (Starting rank within the guild)

Some people get annoyed by the amount of time it takes to rank up in the guild. But we do this because our guild is on multiple games and is going to carry on far into the future. And we like our members to show dedication.
*NOTE: All guild ranks, titles, names, etc. are subject to change as we progress further into the game and have a better understanding of how guilds work in TESO. More ranks may be added. For now, this is what you can expect to see.
Thank you Vestige for reading this, if you would like to join us please comment your gamertag below!.
Edited by ArchGrizzlyOp on September 25, 2015 11:33PM
Guild Leader for Brotherhood of Blood, North American Server, Xbox one.

Apply to join is today -

"Sheggorath, you are the Skooma Cat, for what is crazier than a cat on skooma?"
-- Fadomai
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