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Hearlds Of Thalmor ** Mature guild looking for like minded players **

Soul Shriven
We are a Mature group of Men and women who play ESO Because we are a mature Guild we are aware we wont appeal to everyone. We are not an established Guild yet. we currently have 33 members and looking to grow. we are an active guild with someone online almost all the time. if you need help or assistance someone is always willing to help myself included. We have a Guild bank stocked with almost 400 different crafting provisioning enchanting materials for almost any level. I don't believe in fleecing our members so we don't raffle off purple Equipment or items. If we have the ability to make a purple item for you and you need/want it its yours, why because I would want you to do the same for the next guy/girl if they needed it. In a way we are more like a family than a guild but if this sounds like something you like leave a gamertag here or Message Deuce369 or Football2k9 for an invite. Younger members will be considered on a case by case basis

Guild rules
We strive for a drama free guild so we ask that you don't harass other members if you have something or don't want to do something simply say you don't want to do it (afterall we are here to have fun lol )

Since the guild bank has been stocked with crafting/provisioning...etc items for the guild please don't abuse it example taking 200 leather out and sticking bug parts in please always try and put like items back in thanks

Lastly this one is not a rule just an FYI most of the guild has main characters in the AD so if you need help that's were most of us are. I have 2 characters in each alliance so will help where I can

currently we have quite a few werewolves in the guild who if asked nicely lol may bite you for free but its up to the individuals currently working on getting active vampires in the guild as well

Lastly we try and run cyrodil as a guild once a week or so we have members that run it more often though
Thanks for reading
Hopefully you'll join us soon
  • primosp
    Soul Shriven
    Im interested in joining your guild. I am a newbie but willing to learn and adapt quick. Gamertag: AlphaFONZI 619
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