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why wont he die?

  • henroc12
    Not saying you need my approval, just saying why whine about it and drag it on, just post it and then bam. right now it's all he said she said.. i haven't experienced this exploit myself yet that's why I'm saying what I'm saying. It's pretty simple.. Usually when people post videos of exploits like thst they get fixed.. But again I still get sniped exploited. Lol

    Just because it didnt happen to you doesn't mean come troll on my post. When it does happen to you dont come talk on my post. You want a vid psn me like i said ps4.
  • Stoney_McGeee
    If you think that is trolling then wow, I'm done. Continue whining then, I hope you fix eso for us!
    (But again not posting any video and just talking about the issue isn't solving nada)
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  • henroc12
    I rep
    If you think that is trolling then wow, I'm done. Continue whining then, I hope you fix eso for us!
    (But again not posting any video and just talking about the issue isn't solving nada)

    You are a sad person my friend that you have to troll people's post to make you feel better. Your not fixing my issue so why show you the video. I reported the player if zos decides to handle it then they will if not then oh well, i bet you just want to know how to do it to troll in game like the other guy was. Sad stoney didnt know you were such a troll...
  • Dyride
    I saw King Richard win a 1v2 on stream and both of the people he had to kill 3 times before they would stay dead.

    If the player name looks like Gojira without the r, then it is our old friend B up to tricks on a templar. Or it could be someone else entirely
    Worse is when he is running with his group throwing out heals and using Ritual but has to be the last one to die because of his mechanics.
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  • Septimus_Magna
    Phoenix set should be fixed now, before the 10m timer didnt reset when someone was CCed while he was killed.
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  • Truewavesound
    This set only bugs if you cc them as they "would" die. So don't, until it's fixed. If you know they're running it.
  • BossTuggles
    Phoenix bug exploit in action!

    Worst thing is this post will prolly be deleted so GG look before it gets wacked!
    Edited by BossTuggles on September 26, 2015 4:28PM
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  • FireCowCommando
    that video is old, the fix they implemented is after it was recorded.

    And its a glitch with the set, not something the players are exploiting. You are more than welcome to be upset at it happening but its not the players fault in the slightest.
  • Alucardo
    Yesterday I was sitting at 1% for quite a while. There was a zerg chasing me - I was spamming my shields like crazy, and because most of them were sorcs I was popping Absorb Magic up as fast as I could. Because of this all their frags were keeping me alive until I could duck behind a wall inside the keep. It's possible to survive at extremely low health if the zerg on you doesn't know what the hell they are doing. Some people are good at just not dying. I also have a lot of CPs - I can't deny that this helps as I've played without them as well.
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