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unfinished map locations

Soul Shriven
I was talking to M'aiq and he sent me to parts of the map that are not finished yet





  • daswahnsinn
    Where is this, really can't tell with the small pictures?
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  • LCPLreaper
    Soul Shriven
    it was left of cyrodil and above reapers march in the blank part of the map
  • Carraig
    I'm sorry to break the news to you, but you're not the first discoverer of this area ;)


    Post #14.

    The city you found is very likely Skingrad, the Alyeid ruine is either Miscarcand or Silorn (depending on the location)
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  • Mayerl
    Soul Shriven
    M'aiq knows all... and you do not question him about the whereabouts of the locations he sends you.
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  • Xelrick
    I been outside all the Maps in AD except the islands...

    Greenshade has 79% of Malabal Tor and has Landmarkers Temporary Location Text, example Group Bosses in my video.

    Reaper's March is small... Has only two oddities, one a hole to one of the dungeon's in Dune and Map name on north west.

    I starting the pact areas, found an oddity in Desaun from the areamap south of it. A home that doesn't appear in Desaun but also has props around it.

    Last night I got out of Desaun itself... mainly to see what at the place north east, but went in the Stonefalls area instead lol. Lava still hurts there, not like Rending Flame quest past version(Best Quest for a Thief no NPCs in towns, I made 7000 gold from steal in the past lol).

    Uhh I haven't been outside Cyrodil, yet.
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