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Some Soul Magic Improvements (Suggestion).

A few Soul magic suggestions, to improve the skill tree a bit and make certain skills more useful.

Soul Shatter [Passive]:
If health drops below 20%, your soul explodes, dealing X magic damage to nearby enemies.

Suggestion 1:
If your health drops below 5%, your soul explodes, dealing X magic damage to nearby enemies.
Damage is increased by 100% for each enemy within a 10M Radius.

With this suggestion the damage of the current soul shatter should remain, but it should get dramatically increased the more enemies are there are in range.
The current damage is quite low and hardly harms your enemies. Although in a 1v1 fight it won't do much with this suggestion, getting overrunned by (for example) a Zerg would mean that you have quite a big chance dealing significant damage to the group, if not actually kill some enemies.

Suggestion 2:
If health drops below 5%, your soul explodes, dealing damage equal to your life force to nearby enemies.
(Simply said, damage will be equal to your max HP.)

This suggestion will make it an all round strong last resort.
A more PvE focused suggestion, which would allow Tanks that go down in dungeons to give their allies a small advantage after dying.
In PvP this might be far to strong, which could be fixed by a 50-75% damage nerf to this attack, busing the PvP buff.

Soul lock [passive]:
Your weapon kills have a 5/10% chance to fill a soul gem.

Your weapon kills have a 50/100% chance to fill a soul gem.
Skills are far more favorable than weapon attacks. Most people won't choose weapon attacks over a finisher for fights.
At least make that choice a effective change.
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  • Cathexis
    Wish there was a stamina version of the regen morph.
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