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Looking for friendly pve guild

Hey guys and gals been playing since day 1 of console looking for a friendly/chill guild to get into dungeons or anything else pve related. I have a v12 dk,lvl 39 nb, and lvl 15 sorc. Im a master provisioner, blacksmith, and clothier, just about master in woodworking as well. So id be more than happy to lend any of those skills to the guild if needed. All my characters are ep as well. I'am in CT timezone.

GT: kristopherwbg
  • Cont8gious
    Soul Shriven
    join The Oncoming Storm. I'm currently a one man army but, i'm working towards a pve/trading guild. the guild is set out of AD but with time, i hope to have accrued enough players from all factions so that trading can be vast and everyone can have a chance to group up for dungeons and the lot.

    Gt: Cont8gious
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  • bryndr13ub17_ESO
    The Enigmatic Order is looking for members as well. We're currently a very small, laid back Ebonheart guild but we're looking to grow! My GT is Bryndr, drop me a message if you're interested
  • Greywolf_McGrowler
    The Accursed Legion has lots of PvE going on with some PvP as well.

    Our schedule for the guild is as follows (all times EST):

    Monday 8pm to 11pm PvP

    Tuesday 8pm to 11pm Pledges, and DSA

    Wednesday 8pm to 11pm PvP

    Thursday 8pm to 11pm Pledges and DSA

    Friday 8pm to 11pm PvP

    Saturday 2pm to 4pm PvE in Cyrodiil (Dolmens, Quests, or Delves)

    Saturday 5pm Raffle

    Sunday 1pm PvE Trials

    As you can see we always have something going on each and every day. So come and check us out at:


    Commander Greywolf34 PR of The Accursed Legion
  • Texsmith
    Soul Shriven
    I have started the Bellatorum Vitae and I am looking for help getting up and running. Look for my post or my gamer tag Texsmith.
  • Rimmsa
    I'll shoot an invite your way in a bit, once I get home.
    -Xbox One = Rimmsa
    Viktor Tsolvkov = V3 Life Sapping Imperial Nightblade - Daggerfall Covenant
    Vincent LaFlur = Lvl12 Dark Magicka High Elf Sorcerer - Aldmeri Dominion

    Sludge Industries Guild Master. Sludge Industries is ALWAYS looking for new associates and members!
    ESOCrafters VP

    Check out the guild websites!
  • Sizzyy
    Message me if you want an invite to an EP high level PvE, PvP guild we have started. It is growing nicely and everyone is high enough to complete vet 12 dungeons.
  • BllyDnsr
    If you're still looking for a guild, we are restructuring right now and are looking for more active members especially in DC (we take all factions though). Most importantly, this guild considers itself as a place where all members have a voice in what goes on. We have an active forum/site and we also use the Bindle chat system (for those that don't want to use voice chat or don't have a headset) on our phones. It's laid back, friendly, and structured at the same time - a little of everything for every type of game player :D. If you're interested, check out our recruitment forum here on ESO
    Guildmaster of Obsidian Covenant.
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