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[EU][PC] Tamriel’s International Trading Service --- Cross-Alliance Trading Guild

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Guild Name: Tamriel’s International Trading Service
Platform: PC/Mac
Server: EU-megaserver
Alliance: All of them
Focus: Crafting and Trading
Language: English
Guild Leader: @Rytfield
Recruitment Status: Wide open!

Greetings fellow merchants and crafters!

Tamriel’s International Trading Service (T.I.T.S.) is a freshly new trading guild on the EU-megaserver. Therefor we are recruiting merchants, crafters and other traders from any faction/alliance. So if you like to spend gold or make some gold, why not start trading with us this very day?

We're especially looking for veterans but anybody with coin in their purse is more than welcome. There's no fee or whatsoever. We only require you to be able to speak English. Feel free to join us and invite your friends as well!

You can /whisper @Rytfield in game or send me a mail for an invite!

With Kind Regards,
Edited by Rytfield on May 1, 2015 7:22PM
  • Rytfield
  • 57092811
    Soul Shriven
    Please invite @Milanvos
  • Rytfield
    Just tried but you were offline. Once I see you online I will invite you.
  • drkeys143
    Hello, I added you in game, I think you are offline at the moment, but I would very much like an invite if possible?
    My in game name is same as here :)

    WW Nightblade DPS
    Templar Healer
    GM - Scions of Dawn
  • Rytfield
    I'll send the invite. You should get it once you login :)
  • maaaastab16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Sent you a message ingame @Mastalicious. Very inventive acronym by the way lol.
  • Rytfield
    I thank thee. (bump)
  • TheOnePandemonium
    Hello! I wold be highly interested in joining. I'm a dedicated raw materials hoarder :)
    My character's name is Diballista in game. Tried to whisper you but I think you were offline :o
  • Deibu
    Soul Shriven
    Hello Rytfield!
    I would like to join too :)
    My ingame name is Deibu!
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