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Chosen In Blood - Vamp guild (EP)

Chosen in Blood is an all Vampire guild in the Ebonheart Pact for active players. We are constantly in guild chat, questing, running dungeons, and helping each other out. We have master craftsmen in all crafting styles. We are also a week or two out from having a guild trader. Our mission is to get out members high enough level to start running the 12 man trials in Craglorn for top end gear, then eventually to go into Cyrodil as a huge vampire army and take over. We do ask that all guild members contribute at least 1k gold a day into the bank, for this helps get and maintain a guild trader.

-Must have a mic
-Must be over the age of 15
-No werewolves
-Must be courteous of other guild members
-Selling your Vampire bite is grounds for immediate termination from the guild.

We meet every Tuesday, upstairs in the building behind the Riften Bank at 1900 CST, and give out free vampire bites as a guild an hour after that.

If interested in joining, find us at the Vampire Shrine in The Rift on Tuesday nights.
    Why not sell vampire bites and put that money into guild bank for trader?
  • EposSilver
    Too many people getting ripped off on the bite, no one trusts it anymore. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to make money.
    True...but I've made like 60k from selling bites. I never scam. Never been scammed. It's a nice quick 10k...prob like 5k now...but still super easy to make the money.
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