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Need a bite!!

Fellow Ebonhearts, Please I am on Ps4 north American server-I really want to get a werewolf bite for stamina. How do I find a bite? Can Any werewolves do it??
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  • Enodoc
    Certain NPC werewolves that spawn in The Rift (as well as Bangkorai and Reaper's March) during the night time (but not every night) can infect you, as can other players. There are also threads on the forums where you can request a bite, but it must be a free trade. Seeking/Offering a Vampire or Werewolf Bite? Check here!
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  • deadlykitten6
    My guild and other guilds give out bites for free Plus you can find people to play My advice would be to look in the guild recruitment section.
  • xRAGEx
    There are many Werewolf guilds that offer free bites. Wolves Rage, the werewolf guild I run gives out free bites to members only.

    Or you could get lucky and hang outside a werewolf shrine and a random player will bite you.
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