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Provisioning recipes?

  • KATObloodpaw
    id chalk it up to bad luck I play with a group and I usually tell them when and where I found a recipe and it's never the same for them, they all just found ingredients.
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  • Lokustreign
    You don't necessarily have to loot every single thing. If you're specifically looking for provisioning recipes you need to loot containers. Containers are nightstands, wardrobes, trunks, urns, jugs, backpacks, and desks, which also have the chance to drop motifs. I find the best places to farm provisioning recipes are Dwemer ruins because they have the highest concentration of containers. There are a few exceptions, but in general that's where you want to farm. Crates tend to yield food materials and barrels drop beverage items for cooking, so no need to loot those unless you need the base mats, they won't drop recipes. There are a few undead delves that also have a high number of urns like Shroud Hearth Barrow in the Rift. You can also find recipes in chests. If none of those appeal to you, check out the guild traders in Wayrest, they tend to have a lot of recipes for sale at good prices. Hope this helps.
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  • EddieHavok
    I'm lvl 40, and have about 75 recipes. I get a good deal of greens from the banks, but from my alts. I have two other chars that play the other two dominions, and they just stay at the bank and hold my groceries and my enchanting materials. Every time I load them up to clean out some bank space I run them over to a trunk or desk and steal am item or two, if its a recipe I go launder it and then put it in the bank for my main.

    edit: I find the best stuff in Backpacks.
    Edited by EddieHavok on August 10, 2015 5:04PM
  • Brrrofski
    I find 5-10 a fay after work. That's in like 5 hours.

    Loot everything. Everytime you go to the bank or wherever, loot it.

    Found two vet 5 blues and a vet 5 purple in like an hour yesterday
    Xbox One EU
  • Khenarthi
    Also, every provisioning writ awards a recipe in its level range. Which is useful if you are chasing after level 20-25 recipes or something like that. Sometimes recipes drop from dead mobs but it's rare.
  • CGPsaint
    I seem to get most of my recipes from looting backpacks. Just a thought.
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