Provisioning recipes?

Soul Shriven
I was playing the whole day and haven't found a single provisioning recipe. During beta they were everywhere... Any idea what is going on?
  • pema
    I found a lot. Make sure to check cabinets and wardrobe's. racial motives and recepies are hidden in there. Even in public places like the bank and such. (playing aldemeri, not sure on other places)
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  • kodra
    I've had a weird experience where I keep getting a bunch of level 50 recipes. Anyone else seeing this happen as well?
  • zamiel
    @kodra‌ Yeah, I'm pulling veteran recipes like no tomorrow. I already have a blue one (vet5 I think, giving +350ish mag and sta, can't wait to use it). I didn't even manage to get a level 1 one. I think something is bugged.
  • Roguepope
    Played for an entire day yesterday, looted like an Obsessive Compulsive Kleptomaniac and found nothing. Damn near filled my bank with ingredients though so when I do find a recipe I'll be covered. Just bad luck I guess.
  • zamiel
    Just ask around in /zone I'm sure someone will give you one (that's how I got all my low level recipes). Be a gentleman and send them some food in return;)
  • Nadrak
    I find this strange, because I got a lot recipes. Granted, I am the "Search every corner, open every container" type of player. I am only 8.lvl, but I found all available recipes for my level many times. I even found a lot recipes for veteran rank 5...I wonder if this is a bug, or a preview of what I can use in a month :)
  • EugeneBi
    Soul Shriven
    Forgot to say - I do check every bag I see. Today got my first recipe as a drop from dead monster. I still think something is bugged with their random number generator.
  • TirielsWhisper
    I'm working with two friends to fund/support each others' crafting professions, and mine happen to be Clothing, Woodworking, and Provisioning. I've found a lot of recipes myself (sometimes two at a time), and gotten a lot from them.

    I suggest checking every single building you come across. Someone else said this, but I'll just repeat this - if it's not nailed down and unable to be looted, Bethseda obviously meant for you to have it. Steal everything you can get your grubby mitts on.
  • psychounz
    EugeneBi wrote: »
    I was playing the whole day and haven't found a single provisioning recipe. During beta they were everywhere... Any idea what is going on?

    They are still everywhere XD Like the other comments, loot everything; I've found at least 15 recipes so far, many many more than I was able to find in the beta. I feel like they're even more prevalent now than in the beta.
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  • Pyatra
    Loot everything, if it was nailed down I hauled the house away on a trailer.
  • Yankee
    I have looted few recipes out in the world inside containers.

    But I got a bunch of recipes looting containers inside main story and fighter guild quest instances.

    Not sure why, maybe just RNG.
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  • KiroElmarok
    I got 3-4 blue recipes and a ton of green copies.

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  • Putok
    For whatever reason, I've gotten a bunch of VR recipes, but very few lower level ones.
  • Mataata
    Pretty much what everyone else is saying. LOOT. EVERYTHING.
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  • scabrous_ftz
    I have gotten a ton of recipes. I loot almost everything. One of the best spots is your local bank. For every recipe I've picked up I must have had 2-10 copies so far. Don't give up!
  • Fexelea
    I've found a lot of recipes in houses and city areas. If anyone needs them, there's a list of recipes built by @Jessabella and @Freon41 here:

    It's a work in progress - I'm in the process of getting the icons now :)
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  • Mantiss
    My recipes come in streaks, I dont find anything for awhile then I find 2-6 back to back. So its certainly RNG based and some luck is involved. What I do suggest is going off the beaten path as I tend to find all my Blacksmithing books and Provisioning recipes in odd boxes, backpacks and crates hidden away in various locations.
  • Jessabella
    There is a thread on the forums by @MIng_ESO that has them also. Im on mobile with 2% battery atm, but maybe she can pop in and point to it.
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  • Sorpaijen_ESO
    One reason Provisioning seems to increase faster than the other trades (rank 19 in Chef, rank 5 in Blacksmith) is that the Blacksmith has to pay 21 gold for every style component whereas the Chef will ---- in the course of looting everything that's not nailed down ---- loot EVERYTHING she needs.

    I first noticed this on a Grocer merchant who had a half-dozen or so ingredients for sale at the 'standard' 21 gold. They were always HALF of a given recipe, like Wine Grapes but not the other ingredient you need in order to actually MAKE anything.

    Granted, you can loot SOME racial style ingredients (obsidian, bone, etc) but they are much MUCH more rare than the corresponding Provisioning components.

    As for recipes, I have every character loot everything and funnel it all to my Chef, and I've got an ever-growing list of recipes, most level 1 but a few level 5 and I think even three Veteran Rank 5 recipes.
  • psychounz
    I have managed to find 2 level 15 recipes. I can't use the items but I can at least make them, so those give a nice big boost in XP. I even have some Rank 6 recipes which I know I won't be able to make for a while yet XD
  • kurstein
    how do I get Recipe Improvement to lvl 6 I am lvl 50 in cooking and got free skill points but can only get it to lvl 5 of 6. I cant make any of the veteran ones. any1 know how I cant make lvl 6 food?
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  • theflanagan
    Is there a way to see your known recipes and a list of their ingredients without going to a cooking fire?
  • flemmingrohdb16_ESO
    i cant for the life of me find any level 10 recipe's
    i have all the level 1-5 recipe's
    and i have all the green and 3 blue veteran rank 5 recipe's
    i wonder if were getting veteran rank 5, instead of normal level 10 recipe's?
  • alenae1b14_ESO
    Keep looking in all containers. Craft all your ingredients whenever you find a cooking fire, and be sure to complete the Coldharbor Quest at lvl 10 and search all the urns and chests in the quest instance.
  • flemmingrohdb16_ESO
    Keep looking in all containers. Craft all your ingredients whenever you find a cooking fire, and be sure to complete the Coldharbor Quest at lvl 10 and search all the urns and chests in the quest instance.

    i got out of the level 10 coldharbour quest, with about 15-20 recipe's they were all either level 5 or veteran rank 5, this is one reason im beginning to suspect that we are getting vet 5 instead of level 10
  • kirnmalidus
    The main questline and guild questlines seem to be great places to loot provisioning recipes. I pulled quite a few from Coldharbour during Daughter of Giants and from the Dwarven ruin during the level 15 Fighter's Guild quest.
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    Soul Shriven
    I want to argue recipe drops for daily writs are still bugged after a year plus of others having issues... Myself & another much higher level player than i.... We loot everything, i have searched the guild stores & can find all kinds of recipes for everything but the daily writs.

    Devs need to dig deeper into this, one would think if you had the writ quest in your journal then the drop/spawn rate could at least be a little higher.... I mean come on ive found or traded for 50+ recipes but not a single one can be found that relates to daily writs & if there are none to be found in guild stores are they not dropping for them to sell even at ridiculous prices or if anyone finds them they must be hanging onto them?

    Can i get a hell yea?
  • Antubis
    I've had no issue finding all the writ recipes up to level 4 writs in guild kiosks. PS4, NA, AD
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