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New ESO Mount Wish List

  • Grunim
    I play PC most of the time, but one thing I adore with this game on the Xbox is the sound quality. Every day I complete my crafting writs in Belkarth and as I am turning in the writs, I stand next to some camels and by the gods do I love the sound they make when wearing nice headphones!

    Please give us camel mounts who make the cool camel sound that the Belkarth camels make <3
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  • GTech_1
    WA-MA-SU ... WA-MA-SU ... I want a Wamasu!


    While sprinting, it should get these lightning effects on its back and eyes:

    Also ... A Skyrim style FROSTBITE SPIDER! ... <shivers>

    ... Just imagine the awe ... and PvP horror that these two could inspire! >:)
    Edited by GTech_1 on August 5, 2015 12:10AM
  • Celas_Dranacea
    Werewolf travel form! I would pay $$$ to transform into a standard wolf template for travel. You obviously wouldn't be able to fight or anything as engaging an enemy / taking enough damage would knock you out of the wolf form
    A Bosmer Nightblade Werewolf
  • Dedhed
    Stag / Elk
    I like the Stag/Elk one, would love to ride a deer/deer type animal.

    Also still definitely support camel mounts, but that's already been mentioned by ZOS people, so it's got some momentum
    "This is like talking to breakfast cereal" -- Fredericks in Otherland talking about Wicked Tribe. Also a great description of zone chat.
  • PetesFaded
    gimme that camel bro!
  • xaraan
    Stag / Elk
    At first I was going to say wolf for my bosmer (and still do) but that stag sounded cool.
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  • robeauch
    OK this is kind of outside the lore, and would involve licensing issues, but get me a Hodor mount please.
  • Throren
    Saber Cat
    Based on creatures and places we have access to in game, I like the idea of a mammoth of sorts, a camel (Alik'r is hard to travel without one), a wamasu and maybe even Kagouti.
  • Mojmir
    Welwa or thunderbug
    Raising floors and lower ceilings by zos standards has created an iron maiden.
    No matter how well you played,when the game is over,the king and pawn go back in the same box.
    Be careful what you ask for from zo$, you always get punished.
    Call me toxic,your the one being slowly poisoned by greed.
  • Williamxx
    Skeletel Horse
    Skeletal horse with flames or something like that would look BA.
  • silky_soft
    Stag / Elk
    Male Lion
    Here $15, goat mount please. Not paying 45 : lol :
    Netch is free with a cleanse and free magika. You nerf siphon into the ground. Nice balance team.
    Though I'd seen the biggest joke of all time, then new world nerfed pvp.
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  • Whendim_ESO
    lunarsyed wrote: »
    wat about gargoyles for flying mounts

    Or a Harpy mount? That's lore-friendly.
  • BullNetch
    - Shalk
    - Kagouti
    - Thunderbugs
    - Netch
    - Alit
    - Nix-hounds
    - Durzog.
    - Mule
    - Donkey
    - Camel

    I'd like to see some sort of bug.

    Durzog are found amongst goblins, look cool.

    Camels, mules, and donkeys. Traders everywhere.

  • Brrrofski
    Skyrim frostbite spiders is a good call. Imagine 40 people on them on pvp running at you. Would freak you right out
    Xbox One EU
  • SmokeXF
    I would love to see a griffin or a unicorn
  • Jokerz Fury
    Jokerz Fury
    Demi Griffin
    I wouldn't mind riding an elk/stag but it needs something special about it, maybe it being silver and glowing? I wouldn't waste my money on a "regular" elk/stag when there are better mounts to ride.
    Edited by Jokerz Fury on August 7, 2015 3:09PM
  • Djeriko
    First off, any mount you guys wish for that breaks lore or isn't present in the history of elder scrolls should not be placed in game because you want it to.

    Example, NO DRAGONS! Skyrim history shows all dragons at this point are dormant. And by the way, playing EP will not make you dragonborn so lets kill that fantasy now.

    Unicorns (one to knowledge) was actually present during ES4: Oblivion so I could see that being plausible.

    Mammoths would be a cool ride but would you really expect to ride a mammoth (twice the height of a horse mind you) through the landscape that we normally see in ESO? Too many times I could see the mammoth clipping into stuff because it's massive so to make up for it the devs would have to program the mammoth to take up more room and be limited on how it could move. Not to mention mammoths were slow so why even suggest it? If I can run faster than your mount, it fails!

    Now on to what kills me about anyone asking for a mount, eventually someone asks for a flying mount.

    Nothing that flies has ever been ridden in game (yet..) except for a dragon in Skyrim but SEE ABOVE COMMENT ABOUT DRAGONS! Netches are tamable but they are like the cattle of Morrowind. You want to ride a cow? Whatever floats your boat. Also anything that flies would be game breaking because the game is very limited on the scales and surfaces that the game uses. They have enough trouble keeping the ground solid enough for characters running or jumping without falling through the world into an infinite void (Oblivion?!) and you want to try flying?! When you add the act of flying in a game you have to put boundaries in the game which means a ceiling that's higher than the highest structure. This is the reason why we can't fight under water. Basically they said the game can't handle that.

    Now let's put an even better spin on why flying mounts should never, EVER be put into ESO. CYRODIIL! So let's give everyone a flying mount right now. imagine it. With all the keeps we have, who needs siege weapons? Lets just fly right over all the walls. Oh wait while we're at it, lets fly over all of the borders covering all the Elder Scrolls. Can anyone say "Face Palm?"
    So anyone wanting a mount that flies is living a pipedream and any dev that caves to flying mounts obviously doesn't grasp the basics of this game at all.
    "When in doubt, kill it with fire."
  • fabianoeccel
    Soul Shriven
    Werewolf and Vampire form would be awesome!!!
  • Firestorm612
    Frostbite spider, or maybe one of the Black Widow style spiders you see as enemies. Just imagine a Vampire draped in black armor and storming a battlefield on the back of a Broodmother or something. 100% sold!
  • Cyrediath
    Skeletel Horse
    Daggerfal... Camels everywhere..
  • MightyMalloy
    Stag / Elk
    Where the Gorilla's at?
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  • Avonna
    Saber Cat
    i would like to see an all white sench or a large white elk... and bug fixes for the white sench or white elk
  • Zachy_B
    A big ass scorpion would be cool. But out of your list, werewolf and vampire travel forms
  • Cathexis
    Where the majestic horker mounts at?

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  • Collins6542
    I would totally love to see a Netch as a mount option.

    Edited by Collins6542 on August 10, 2015 6:51AM
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  • vGalvatron
    Soul Shriven
    Skeletel Horse
    A skeleton horse would be badass.

    I like the idea of a wolf but I think it would be too small.
  • XarxesTheScribe
    How about using other players for piggy back rides?

    Ha, my friend is a werewolf, and we joke that it would be hilarious if I could jump on his back.
  • Herelacfreahelm
    I would like to see and hope that we can get to purchase these mounts in the future from the in game store
    a large bear
    a Ram
    a large lizard/dragon like creature
    a mammoth like creature
    a wolf like creature
    a lion even though we have a female tiger

    but no flying mounts that just does not fit in with the lore of this game but would like to see different skins for these available
  • Herelacfreahelm
    a rhino would be cool
  • Herelacfreahelm
    a large spider mount for my sorcerer characters would be cool and fit in with that character
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