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New ESO Mount Wish List

  • Volkodav
    Stag / Elk
    I'd love one of those primeval Stags in Skyrim.
    Wait,..did that say Stilt Runner? What's that? If they mean a Silt Strider,from Morrowind,..hell yeah! I'd buy that in a hot second!
    PC/NA Beta tester
    January 2014

    (Oblivion is a playground,..Morrowind is home)
  • svartorn
    Maia Lucetius, Former Empress of Vivec | Breton Templar Healer | AR43 Warlord Grade 1 [PC][NA][EP]
    1000+ CP - 34k achievement pts

    Alecto Lucetius | 50 - Imperial DK Tank [EP]
    Eris Lucetius | 50 - Imperial NB stam dps [EP]
    Aura Lucetius | 50 - Breton Sorc magicka dps [EP]
    Artemis Lucetius | 50 - Imperial Sorc stam dps [EP]
    Ignis Lucetius | 50 - Breton DK magicka dps [EP]
    Luna Lucetius | 50 - Breton NB magicka dps [EP]

    'Everyone you meet is fighting a secret battle you know nothing about. Be kind.' - Dalai Lama
  • shadow071179
    I also can see my Altmer Knight on a nice big Elk in his soon te be new Glass Amor
  • ChibiMechaX78
    Would like travel forms for both WW and vamp too.

    I'd also like the DuneRipper from Alikr desert as a mount too. Also the Kagouti would be awesome. Bears. Sorry I am greedy.
    Edited by ChibiMechaX78 on September 5, 2015 8:30PM
  • Selique
    I'd like them to add as many varieties of mounts that are lore friendly as possible.

    However, a Wamasu would be epic.
    Falls-With-Grace ~ Shadowscale (Argonian Night Blade)
    Selique Lasra ~ Captain, Smuggler, Swashbuckler (Redguard Templar)
    Chases-Comets ~ Shellback Warrior (Argonian Dragon Knight)
    Slissix-Kir ~ Swamp Shaman (Argonian Sorcerer)
    Hail Sithis..
  • DaveMoeDee
    I doubt I will ever buy a vanity mount, but I would enjoy seeing people riding unicorns.

    The one I would be willing to buy is an Argonian mount. Riding an Argonian would be awesome.
  • DaveMoeDee
    Hodor mount please.
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