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Cant log into the game

Hey first time ever having this kinda problem

After I type in my password and press enter, the screen freezes, and only my mouse works, not even the loading into the game pop up is coming

I tried to repair the game, same result
PC, EU server, Ebonheart Pact
  • ZOS_MollyH
    Hi @Artemiisia !

    We will need a little more information to help narrow this down with you. What kind of processor, video card, and OS are you using?
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  • Artemiisia
    oh forgot about this thread, I had to clear my cache and restart computer for it to work again.

    Problem solved, thx though :)
    PC, EU server, Ebonheart Pact
  • j.frank.nicholsb14_ESO
    Sorry, ZOS_MollyH, I should know better than to post such a meaningless post. The good news is about 30 minutes to an hour later the problem went away. It was acting like the login server was overloaded. I changed nothing, I had no issues before or after that time frame. I tried both my OS X version and my Windows Version - both failed the same way.

    Thanks anyway :)

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