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Is there a quick way level up fighters guild for a level 44 player?

Soul Shriven
I'm in the Rift and just completed the last delve there which was shroud hearth. There was a lot of Draugr but each one only gave me 1 fighters guild XP per kill, so I would need to kill almost 800 of them to level up my fighters guild to level 7.

So is there a faster way to level fighters guild? Like an undead/daedra boss that gives more than 1 fighters guild XP?
  • mklundub17_ESO
    Closing dolmens (anchors) that you haven't previously done gives a nice chunk of xp -- doing ones you've already done have diminishing returns though.

    Other than that, and doing the quest line, the best option is to have a few fighters guild abilities on your bar and farm undead/daedra areas that are in large groups. You get 1 xp per kill regardless of level, so just find areas like in coldharbour that are full of 5+ groups and grind them out.
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  • Aett_Thorn
    Just get up to Coldharbour, where almost everything is undead or daedra, and the FG skill line levels up like mad.
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    Everything said above really, I got beat to it. :tongue:
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  • driosketch
    Get to Coldharbour. It's pretty much nothing but undead and deadra there.
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  • FrogePepe
    Soul Shriven
    Alright thanks, I'll try coldharbour
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