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Boogie Nation Guild - 500 | Trading & Social | Weekly events | NEED MORE active .



We run a guild that is full at 500 members but we are always looking for active player to replace the none active.
We do roster clean up weekly ( none active player to us mean they just stop playing )

A little bit about the guild

Boogie Nation
is a trading and a social guild.

it is about 10/90 ( Social / trading )

We are looking for players that buy / sell , donate and active.


Trading / sell / buy - are always the most important part of the guild and we set time every Monday and Tue to restock the guild store. We track guild history and let members know what the store needs.

We also work very hard on promoting in guild for buy and sell so it is not just base n trader spot. That is also the reason we are always looking for active.

Bites Seller listing
We do help guild members to sell their bites services if you want.



Weekly events.

Channels 1 - Trade | Open chat . You can use this as open chat and talk trade or service. Please turn your mic off if you are not speaking.

Channels 2 - PVP - Meet every Wed from 6pm to 10pm EST time . Meet and wait in this chat to know where to go for guild pvp. Check this month Guild's PVP location .

Channels 3 - Dungeons - Meet every Thurs from 6pm to 10pm EST time . Meet up and wait within this chat to help find group. It is for everyone so level will be mix. You need to ask and talk to each other and get up your own group.

Channels 4 - Guild's event and meeting

Monthly event and hang out spot - Because there are no guild hall in ESO ( hopefully in the future ) So we set location for each month . PVP and PVE events and location are updated each month.

role playing activities - is just silly emote spam just for lol and we also use that time to chat with other member and take guild photos to share it on our guild site.


Contest - We host monthly contest to give member fun task to complete. Winner get coins.


There are ranks members can climb by helping the guild.

The guild do a daily update with in game notes and from guild site.

If you are interested please XBOX mail HYPNONYC and we will put you on the list once we have open slot.

This is our guild site if you are interested in learning more.
Guild rules are also listed there

Thank you for your time and enjoy ESO

Edited by Letusgames on July 10, 2015 3:35PM
Boogie Nation Guild
  • Letusgames
    Sorry we forgot to list the alliances from the 1st post.

    Most of the guild members are from Ebonheart Pact /NA/ server
    So most of the guild's event will happen with Ebonheart Pact location .
    Boogie Nation Guild
  • Letusgames
    Thank you to everyone that mail us your GT. All invite has been sent.

    We are adding a Master Craftsman rank to our guild. You can list your service and specialty.
    If you a Master Craftsman we are looking for you !

    Mail us your GT and Crafting info to get let listed.

    Boogie Nation Guild
  • masoncu
    Mercurrie xd
  • Letusgames

    Thank you for the mail and we will add them once we have an open slot.
    Feel free to mail us if you don't hear any news.

    We are also looking for Master Craftsman
    Are you a max out level craftsman and would like to set up shop for our guild's member.
    Send us a mail over xbox and tell you about your services

    Thank you
    Edited by Letusgames on July 3, 2015 1:44PM
    Boogie Nation Guild
  • thehiltons29ub17_ESO
    Invite plz killer2969
  • Iscoregoals
    I Score Goais

    vet rank clother
  • Letusgames

    Thank you for the interest . Invite will be send today.
    If you don't hear from us just Mail us on Xbox and we will add you to the list.

    Thank you

    Boogie Nation Guild
  • bsbw
    Gt bsbw
  • Letusgames
    Thank you for all the xbox mail . All invite send.

    Boogie Nation Guild
  • Letusgames
    We updated a bit about the guild . And still always looking for active members
    Boogie Nation Guild
  • Zebo7
    GT- Zebo7
  • schaefz
    Soul Shriven
    GT: schaefs2010

    Would like to join for sure!
  • Letusgames
    Thank you for all the xbox mail and forum interest. All invites will be send within 24 hours.

    Boogie Nation Guild
  • Letusgames
    We want to promote our weekly event for PVP and PVE so we are always looking for new active members.

    IF you are active and our guild sounds interested to you please xbox mail HYPNONYC and tell us a bit about yourself.

    All invite from yesterday is send.

    Thank you
    Boogie Nation Guild
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