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Juliek server on Xbox one NA is out of control

EP has a full team around the clock while AD and DC have almost no one. EP has literally everything in the game and is attacking AD at our gate. Is there some way the population could get balanced? It's pissing me off
  • Ernest145
    Switch campaigns that's all you can do

    Big Ernie - Templar - EP Grand Overlord
  •  Jules
    Ghostbane wrote: »

    lol for. real.
    Faction Lock is Oppressive AF.

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  • AMZxArchMage
    This used to be the server I would always go on because the war was so even and neck and neck I just loved it and now it's boring as ****. I used to play pvp more than Pve and would always be excited an now I just avoid it or only play the first day because that's the only time Other alliances have a chance because once night falls and DC and AD are sleeping is when EP strikes and they have truly ruined pvp for me.
    P.S I don't have enough alliance points to switch my server.
    Edited by AMZxArchMage on July 3, 2015 6:10PM
  • DragonRebel0581
    Soul Shriven
    I play thornblade for the EP, and after about 10pm EDT(EST) i notice that the AD actually get a good set up of numbers, they usually cap the two forts closest to their gates then keep us fighting them on the hills in-between for a few hours before their pop dies back down and we retake the forts around 2-3am

    DC also took a few of the northern forts while the bulk of our forces were handling the AD instead. Same timeslot.

  • djnapstyb14_ESO
    In azura AD has the whole map. We take the keeps by day and they take them all back at night. Im not trippin. I have over 2000 kills this campaign.
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