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Soul Shriven
Me and my two friends started a guild recently and need more players. Looking for Veteran rank players for daily quests and dungeons. But anyone is welcome to join.

Just message me and i'll add you :smiley:
  • Pman85
    or join mine, its bigger and better...and way more sexy
    Guildmaster - Order of Stendarr [XB1] - Apply today!

    Brought to you by Fishy Joe's....Ride the walrus!

  • ZOS_Racheal
    Greetings @hvyadig ,

    This thread has been moved from the Ebonheart Pact forum to the Guild Recruitment forum for Xbox One – NA. Be sure to specify which region you are on and please keep all guild recruitment messages in the appropriate forum. Thanks!
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  • hvyadig
    Soul Shriven
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