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Keyboard and Mouse on Console?

I have looked into this, and found that text chat wont be allowed, but can you use a keyboard and mouse to control the game? If so can someone tell me how. I would love to use a keyboard and mouse, but do not want to buy the game again for PC.
  • OzJohnD
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  • Nine-Eight-Nine
    There is no mouse support with ESO on consoles. Keyboards can be used to type out text in text boxes but that's as far as it goes.
  • xxSHEPERDxx
    Soul Shriven
    I don't support this limitation. Defiance, DC Universe Online and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn all support keyboard chat with say, shout and zone channels for text based communication. After seeing people run around confused in PS4 TESO, it's absolutely ridiculous to only be able to communicate with these players by having to use a headset (the general open voice channel is intrusive and not very helpful), or by running them down to get close enough, and only if they stay still long enough, to scan the player and access their PSN profile, and from there (a sluggish system side interface), send the user a PSN message directly. Flat out stupid, especially for a game that supports a subscription model. At the very least, add a nearby/say text channel. This would help quite a bit, especially when attempting to advise several players how the dungeon finder works when they're all standing around stupified outside a dungeon, as well as to inform them that the lowest level player in the group attunes the difficulty - that bit is confusing a lot of players and it a general turnoff, as they end up believing the difficulty scaling is simply fixed at an extreme setting.
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