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Daedric or ancient elf motif?

Leveling a new templar healer, and I can't decide on what style clothes I want to wear. It has to be either daedric or ancient elf, as I want to use up my materials. Please base your opinion solely on the appearance of levels 1-30 light armor (robes), and a staff.

Which do you think looks better?
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- Queen Ayrenn

Best Answers

  • Ourorboros
    If the cost is so prohibitive, why bother crafting low level armor in that style? Unless the character is a mule that is not being leveled, any armor below vet level will only be worn for a few days before it needs to be replaced with higher level armor. OP is free to spend his gold as he sees fit, but letting vanity decide that appearance matters more than practical considerations like more bag space will be a long term handicap. But what do I know, just been making it work since game release last year.
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  • QueenAyrenn
    Thank you, everyone, for your opinions. I think I'll start off with Daedric. I'm rather indifferent to the two. They both offer a unique look, so I figured I would see what others thought. Thank you again, everyone.
    "Except the story about the bear. That one's true."

    - Queen Ayrenn
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