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Tbh Is it fair? (Thx for the help)

Soul Shriven
So last night me and my team were playing campaigns, we had one scroll plus a scroll that belonged to an enemy faction in a base we captured from one other. The message said we couldn't pick up the scroll because we didn't have both of our main scrolls at home so we left it. We tried to go capture our second scroll but the ENEMY took it even though they had 1 scroll of theirs in their gate plus ours in the keep we were attacking. So now I'm wondering why it's fair for another team to take a scroll when it told us WE needed to have both our scrolls and they didn't. If any is having this problem post here or tell me if I midunderstood something thx.
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  • ToRelax
    You need your defensive scroll in your temple to pick up enemy defensive scrolls, same for offensive ones.
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  • Zheg
    In simpler terms, if you have your scroll with the orange band in the middle, you can pick up other orange band enemy scrolls even if you're missing your purple band scroll. But you cannot pick up an enemy banded purple scroll until you retrieve your purple banded scroll.
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  • filmoretub17_ESO
    It doesn't make sense how they did the scrolls honestly. But it does have some advantages when your guild gets online and that's your scroll over there and you have to get that one or you cannot get anything else. It's hard to tell which way is better.
  • PeggymoeXD
    It's capture the flag. But with an extra corresponding flag. Can't capture the enemy offensive scroll, if you don't have your own offensive scroll.
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  • Rylana
    Purple for purple

    Orange for orange
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  • OrderofFallen
    Soul Shriven
    Thx for the information I'll keep that in mind
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